A Fault In Human Kind
So we’ve had an unexpected turn but none the less it turned out to be way better. Remember “if its not okay, its not the end”
As you may know the charity all started with trying to help three families start a business, 9 kids get into school and to help Muskan gain her hearing.
I was working very close with these families and loved spending my days teaching the kids, taking them out of the slums for educational activies and taken Muskan to numerous doctors. The Charity was even able to help the ladies of the family find the equipment and supplies needed to start there own business and we were in contact with Princess Diya Kumar Charity (Yes, the princess of Jaipur) and offered these ladies a job with her. Where there they would have been learning how to make books, Sari’s, work with block printing and have the opportunity to learn many other techniques. BUT!! they refused and not only did they refuse but they ended up selling the equipment purchased for them and started demanding for more money.. “A fault in human kind”
Of course there wasn’t any negotiation on my side as it was completely bombaric to me and left me in complete shock. Instead I made the decision to visit various different private schools and find families from the slums, who had there kids on a waiting list. After extensive research on each family, including visiting there homes and jobs, I was able to choose the kids.
The first few days were rough, having to find the best schools for them. Especially because we had to fight for the children’s rights when finding out some of the teachers abused them, we’ve pulled them out of certain schools and had to start our search all over again. (Visit Facebook page for full story). But none the less we’ve done it and EVERY SINGLE CHILD is so incredibly happy and all in good hands!
After being recommended by the princess to visit some other doctors for helping Muskan gain her hearing, we were unfortunately told her nerves were completely unresponsive. (Which was not originally told to us by the initial doctor) HOWEVER!!! We have now enrolled Muskan into a sign language school, giving her the opportunity to communicate with others and more importantly make FRIENDS!!!!
We are still raising funds to maintain the kids education. As some of the kids only have a 3 months deposit fee. Anything raised above what is required will go directly towards helping another childs dreams come true.
Please don’t forget to support and be apart of changing there next generation in the most positive way.  More importantly thank you all for your support and being apart of this positive change!
Much love and respect!


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