“I Heart All Human Kind” is a foundation started by Jade Lopez  and is overseen by Thomas Masquelier and Melanie Clapham. The foundation values are centred on helping those who are less fortunate by implementing changes that will improve long term outcomes.

Travelling through India Ms.Lopez has had the opportunity to meet some of the poorest people encountered and has witnessed how much they struggle to meet basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter and education. Initially Ms.Lopez started helping those she met by giving them hot meals, taking the time to sit down, engage in a conversation and helping them get access to the hospitals when needed.

There are three families Ms.Lopez has come to know and has grown close to. She is passionate and determined to help these families get out of the slums by raising money online through her gofundme page.

A second stream of donations has also been set up to help these families, where traditional Rajasthan handicraft items are being sold. 50% of the money raised from the sales will be given straight to the charity, supporting nine children’s tuition fee for the year, supplying there families with the tools they need to generate there own handicraft business and towards helping a young girl called Muskans gain her hearing through an ear operation. Muskan whom was born deaf and has never had the chance to hear nor has she ever been properly educated to communicate with her family or friends.

The vision of the foundation is to help these families and hopefully others in the future, to realise their potential through development, growth and productivity.

Helping these families might not change the world but it will change the world for them, allowing them to know that someone cares and giving them the chance to blossom into something wonderful.

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