There is nothing more rewarding than helping those who need it. Turning these families dreams into reality has been the hardest but the best project I’ve ever thrown myself into. The kids are always so eager to learn, always so happy, always so grateful! I’ve never known a group of kids in the western world to be as adamant in learning something new, as these kids. Their eyes are always so wide open, with either an amused face or shut so tightly from having a big smile. The best part is the families are always right there and trying to grasp as much as possible too.

I don’t  have much time left before I need to enrol these kids into school, get Muskan her hear operation and get the equipment for the families. We’ve come so far already and I’m so happy!

I’m currently in Nepal renewing my VISA for India and have been blessed with meeting the crew from @rubanrushshop, who will be looking over the families for me while I am away.

Remember One’s knowledge changes one’s destiny. Please don’t forget to help leave a positive impact on these families and help these kids ability to achieve their dreams of being who they’d like to be when they grow up.



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