Every time I’m with the kids I try to teach them something new, after a lesson, we usually spend the remaining day singing and playing games. However today I decided to do something a bit different. Growing up on an island has giving me the privilege to live a very free, active and outdoor lifestyle and being in love with the ocean I would often be down at the beach swimming in the sea. Unfortunately there is no sea here, but there are a few rare and decent parks. I wasn’t able to take these kids to the beach but I did manage to introduce them to a new water game.

I arrange a taxi to pick up the families and I quickly head back to my place, first stopping off at a toy store where I purchase 2 balls and 200 balloons. I quickly head back to my place and fill the balloons with water and then head straight to the park where the kids await. At first no one knows what to do and looks puzzled. So I throw one at Fardean and “pop”…. We begin an epic  water balloon fight. Within what feels like seconds there is suddenly a storm of other kids surrounding us and joining in, causing quite a scene on private grounds which we were not aware of and soon enough we were chased off by security. However this did not stop us from having fun.





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