Purpose of campaign

“I  Heart All Human Kind” is a foundation I have started so that we can help families in desperate need. Starting out here in India.

As you can see in my social media content, I’ve been doing the best that I can to help homeless children, families and those who just simply don’t have much. I have become friends with some of the poorest people I’ve ever encountered and have been welcomed into their homes and offered everything they had, their delicious (and never refused) “chai” (tea) with both warmth and love. I’ve started teaching these kids what I can, while developing a deep sense warmth and love which I reciprocate towards them and their families. There are currently three families that I am helping out, but as I am travelling on a tight budget myself, my help towards them is only very limited.
The kids don’t go to school as their families can’t afford it, the women don’t have jobs as they don’t have an education and with no supplies to generate money they have no choice but to stay home and look after their kids. The fathers and brothers are out all day driving their Tuk Tuks which in itself has its difficulties because so many of the locals are doing the same. They often spend all day in search of customers but sadly there are days when they come home with a loss, from an overpriced fine or sometimes a costly mechanical breakdown while praying one of the brothers made enough money to cover for it.

In the worst but all too common cases these families have to send their kids out on the street to beg for money, or to walk through their neighbourhood with a heavy and hot chai pot on their shoulders, screaming “chai” at the top of their lungs in the hope that someone will come out to buy a cup from them. Some of these kids have been able to attend school but have had to leave when their families can no longer afford to pay the fees.

One of the three families is a family of six where the father is the only one who can make any money. They all live in a small concrete room, with no bathroom or running water. Their eldest daughter Muskan who is 15 years old was born deaf and has never been able to communicate clearly with her family or friends and she has never been taught sign language. She is a beautiful girl, with the warmest and most captivating smile, who has an amazing talent for drawing but can’t always do it as her family can’t finance the materials. She is sometimes found in tears as she wants so desperately to express herself.

Recently I was given a gift by one of the families and I was able to see their amazing talent at making clothes and later discovered that the majority of these women hold this exceptional talent but are just not capable of funding the supplies. For these women to have access to sewing machines they have to rent one for a cost of 200 Rupees a day. Because they are hand-spinning sewing machines the women can’t produce as much as they would like to and often cannot find the funds to rent it in the first place!

We have requested invoices from the local English teaching schools for each child, nine in total, to include tuition fees and uniforms they need. I have also found out the costs for more robust foot pedal sewing machines which would enable the women in these families to make 12-15 outfits a day in order to generate a sustainable income. 

Above all, we took Muskan for a clinical consultation to have a simple ear operation which we found out will help to hear and speak for the first time.

The money raised will go directly towards these families, putting their children into school, providing these women with sewing machines to help them start their own business and to give Muskan a life changing operation to hear and speak.

Any money above these costs will go directly towards helping another family start their own business.

I believe that no-one should have to struggle so much to simply have food to eat, a place to live, an education; especially those with such kindness and generosity in their hearts.