Yesterday my friend Cian and I took a 60min TukTuk Ride to visit Muskan and her family. I don’t get to visit this family often as they live completely isolated on the city’s edge, only reachable by roads that are in a deplorable state. In spite of its proximity to a dumping ground and the absence of a sewage system, they live in relatively clean circumstances compared to many others who live in squalid conditions. As the kids run through trash and sharp objects wearing just slippers or on their exposed bare feet, we are welcomed into the family’s home. It is a 12ft by 12ft cement room with no windows, no running water and the dimmest of little lights providing some semblance of visibility for the five members of the family.

I have some drawing supplies along with me as Muskan loves to sketch. She puts her skills on display immediately and insists on drawing a portrait of me, there is a lot of eye contact and giggles, giving us an even stronger connection. Later, Cian and I are introduced to the neighbors, who invite us to play a game of cricket. Muskan choose not to participate and watched from a distance as the other kids tend not to give her much attention because of her inability to hear, leaving her feeling very uncomfortable. After a lot of laughter and failed attempts in trying to hit the ball, we all head back inside where a delicious meal awaits us.

Until the total sum of money is reached I can not do much with these families and can only offer them my time. My vision and objective in starting the foundation is to help these families by providing these children with an education and I hope, a brighter future. I want to help the women by supplying them with the necessary equipment to help them make their handcrafted items, to sell and create a source of income for themselves. I ultimately want to raise enough to get Muskan an ear operation enabling her to hear and speak for the first time in her life.

Any money above these costs will go directly towards helping another family.

Please don’t forget to be a part of this positive change. I am one person alone and one person alone can not do this. Any donations would be much appreciated.


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